January 17, 2021
Extreme Cleaning

Clean the room in a circle - start left and work right

(if the room is semi full try clearing the center of the room for keepable boxes/piles and garbage bags behind)


Organize as you go - keepables and garbage

(put everything in piles or boxes of similar things)


Once the garbage is thrown out:

go through the piles/boxes for keepable/donatable items, you can keep oranizing (shoes with shoes, clothes with clothes, collectables with collectables, keepsakes with keepsakes in to smaller piles/boxes.

(if you want to keep it, make sure you have a place to put it)

Organize your Organizers :)

Clean Everything! including windows, fans, lights, doors, walls, closets.


Paint/Flooring - if applicable



Goodwill - pick up and drop off is limited with the conditions



9' van/8' truck - 19.95day/.69mile


box trucks:

10' - 19.95/.89, 15' - 29.95/.89, 20'/26': 39.95/.89

(all vehicles must be refilled with fuel)



cargo trailer: 4x8 -14.95, 5x8 - 18.95, 6x12 - 29.95

utility trailer: 4x7 -14.95, 5x8 - 18.95, 6x12 - 29.95 w/ramp - 34.95


Curbside Pickup 43. 8x8x4 pile (2nd pile is 20.) way less expensive than the dump.

Comment by Savage on 18 May 21 at 5:41 PDT
Thank You, This is all for a single household. if it helps you, I appreciate that.

Good Weedeater

Rental Center:
Steam Cleaner?

Good Weedeater
robot vacuum?


Black Bags for Clothes (vacuum bags for stuff to keep)
Boxes or trays for collectables/trinkets
boxes or trays for paper stuff
H/D boxes for books... maybe black bags
boxes for shoes/belts
boxes for electronics

Rolly Carts:

Computer Parts/Tools
Coffee, Creamer, Treats



Rolly Cart = portable, stackable, heavy duty storage carts that I put hardwood dollys underneath, they stack well and roll great.


Trim Bushes

Set Up Flat area for pool/pool

Motion light Garage

cut down - pull palm trees in front

weed killer everything by cars :)

Set up motion/led lights front door/garage

Mstr Bdrm Shudder's

Camaras R&R 1, mount 2 cameras/electric hook up

build car cover side of house

R&R Front Door

R&R siding


rear corner of house/rebuild/sliding doors?

Alum Garage Doors



Turn On Rear Heater - Get Wifi Thermostat, run house vent fan and outside thermostats.

connect water filter to fridge

connect water filter to master bath

Hallway Ceiling - need to sheet rock and add vent

Wire C5 through attic

Wire 220/110 through attic

To Get

Closet Organizer - bk rm

2 outside Brooms

white Vinegar

sos pads

scotch bright sponges

oven cleaner?

Thermostat - wifi, ext. fan system

Dish Washer

N95 Masks - roll material

Cetaphil Hand Sanitizer




This isnt exactly for my house:

I have read your comments about wanting to set up a website and I want to encourage others as well.


It doesnt have to be wicked expensive to set up a website (I have a provider list around here somewhere, if you are indeed interested)


My provider has Lots of software included (word press and more) and I can set up multiple websites.

you can literally be up and running in a few days (depending on how complicated you want your website to be)


hosting varies by your need and ability.

I pay almost 110. a year for hosting, although there are much cheaper hosting options

hosting as little as 3 a month (after the sale)


website names are as inexpensive as 10.00 a year or free/on sale depending on the host.

it also depends on the extention (.com, .net)


If you would like more info or examples just ask