January 17, 2021
Extreme Cleaning

Clean the room in a circle - start left and work right

(if the room is semi full try clearing the center of the room for keepable boxes/piles and garbage bags behind)


Organize as you go - keepables and garbage

(put everything in piles or boxes of similar things)


Once the garbage is thrown out:

go through the piles/boxes for keepable/donatable items, you can keep oranizing (shoes with shoes, clothes with clothes, collectables with collectables, keepsakes with keepsakes in to smaller piles/boxes.

(if you want to keep it, make sure you have a place to put it)

Organize your Organizers :)

Clean Everything! including windows, fans, lights, doors, walls, closets.


Paint/Flooring - if applicable



Goodwill - pick up and drop off is limited with the conditions



9' van/8' truck - 19.95day/.69mile


box trucks:

10' - 19.95/.89, 15' - 29.95/.89, 20'/26': 39.95/.89

(all vehicles must be refilled with fuel)



cargo trailer: 4x8 -14.95, 5x8 - 18.95, 6x12 - 29.95

utility trailer: 4x7 -14.95, 5x8 - 18.95, 6x12 - 29.95 w/ramp - 34.95


Curbside Pickup 43. 8x8x4 pile (2nd pile is 20.) way less expensive than the dump.

Comment by Savage on 18 May 21 at 5:41 PDT
Thank You, This is all for a single household. if it helps you, I appreciate that.