January 17, 2021

This isnt exactly for my house:

I have read your comments about wanting to set up a website and I want to encourage others as well.


It doesnt have to be wicked expensive to set up a website (I have a provider list around here somewhere, if you are indeed interested)


My provider has Lots of software included (word press and more) and I can set up multiple websites.

you can literally be up and running in a few days (depending on how complicated you want your website to be)


hosting varies by your need and ability.

I pay almost 110. a year for hosting, although there are much cheaper hosting options

hosting as little as 3 a month (after the sale)


website names are as inexpensive as 10.00 a year or free/on sale depending on the host.

it also depends on the extention (.com, .net)


If you would like more info or examples just ask


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